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Hi,I was tentatively dxed with IBS-D last year; dxed today. A little about myself: I've suffered from GERD for many years. When I was 21 I had episodes as I've had lately... d immediately after eating. My doctor at the time thought it was due to stress from my job at the time. Shortly after this I quit that job, got married and had children. When my children were older I returned to work, this time at a newspaper... also a high-stress job. Symptoms slowly came back.In October 2000 I underwent open-heart surgery to repair my mitral valve. The surgery was actually planned for July of 2000, but a high white count delayed it... 5 times. In November, 2000 I was again hospitalized for pericarditis (fluid build-up in the sac surrounding the heart); in December hospitalized again for pleural effusion (fluid in the sac surrounding the lung) which collapsed my lung.In Jan. 01 I was diagnosed with CML (Chronic myelogenous leukemia).. finally an answer to my high white count which had risen from 19,000 to 78,000. In Feb. 01 I was dxed with congestive heart failure... something that I still live with today.In April 01 I was dxed with breast cancer. Before I could have the mastectomy it was discovered that I had dangerously low platelets and had to have a platelet transfusion and then undergo a D and C. The mastectomy was done in May. In June I was hospitalized again with a staph infection in the incision. Two years ago I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.Before my CML was dxed I was on massive doses of antibiotics and told that it would most probably cause constipation. Yeah right.... that was never a problem for me. I take an oral chemo drug, Gleevec, for my CML. It is a targeted drug, very potent. In addition to that I take Lasix (diuretic); potassium; iron; calcium; Baclofen (for neuropathy); Prilosec; Prozac (hey who wouldn't be depressed after all that LOL); and magnesium. I've a feeling I've forgotten a couple.Saw the GI last summer; underwent a colonoscopy and had 7 polyps removed. We tried cutting dairy (no change); wheat products (no change); and I even stopped taking my Gleevec for a month (no change). My oncologist has taken blood test after blood test (beyond what they normally take); to the point that I am near vampire status LOL. I've also had CT's, MRI's and bone scan to rule out the possibility that the cancer has spread to my bones. During my appt. today we changed from Prilosec to Aciphex and added fiber and Imodium to the mix. I return to see the GI in a month at which time we will discuss the results.He has given me info on Lotronex to consider just in case all of the above doesn't work.Like many, I tend to avoid eating if I know I have to go out. When I do eat I am never far from the bathroom. When I was first dxed with CML I was put on Interferon injections. That was lovely... I was so sick; vomiting, diarrhea and just plain not able to do anything but lay on the couch. In that time (3 months) I went from a size 12 to a size 6... what a way to diet! lolSorry this is so long.. a lot to get into one post.Oh, and my cardiologist thinks this is extremely funny... before I left the newspaper I was writing obits. Cardio has a weird sense of humor... I love him! LOLTake care,Zazzy
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