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Hiya,I said hi in the women's issues group, but I have a feeling I'm going to hang out here, so I thought I'd say hi and give a more thorough history.
I'm 31, female, and have been constipated as long as I can remember. Mom used to feed me this horrible fibre stuff when I was about 6 because I was backed up even then.I have the kind of constipation where I don't go for days and days (I'm averaging about 5 or 6), but when I do, it's HUGE and scary, and the plumbing tries to hide out at the neighbour's house. (This opposed to the kind a friend has where there's no bulk to it, and she's pushing a lot to get almost nothing out).I've tried everything the doctors, midwife, and naturopath have suggested. I get a little bit of relief from some things, but it's fleeting. It's like my body figures out what's up and laughs at my feeble attempts.I'm currently breastfeeding an infant, and don't want to give the nursling a bad case of the runs, so I've not been taking anything. I'm going crazy. So very very bloated. I'm gluten intolerant, allergic to milk, peanuts and who knows what else. Eating gluten or milk makes me even more constipated than usual, so I avoid them like the plague.Anyway, that's my story in a nutshell. I'm glad to have found this forum.
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