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New IBS sufferer with questions

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Since I am new to the board and having been recently diagnosed with IBS, I joined this community in the hopes that I will learn a lot from reading the forums and speaking to others suffering from the same condition.Currently my symptoms consist of mostly gas, bloating, cramps and the occasional bout of diarrhea. Since being diagnosed I have tried to go the natural route with VSL#3. The results were fairly positive (70% better) but at $100 a month out of my own pocket, I thought I would try something prescribed that would be covered by my health plan. Right now I have been using Modulon since Wednesday and it has given me nothing but headaches, tiredness and feeling light headed and has made my bowel movements even worse!Can anyone suggest any natural or prescribed medicines that may help to relieve my current condition? I am fairly regular in my bowel movements (1 to 2 times a day) but it’s mostly the bloating, cramps and gas that bother me. TIA
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Hey Paul, my symptoms are very similar to yours I don´t really have C or D either , but I have lots of pain, gas and bloating. So far I haven´t found anything that would really help me, maybe just mint tea or having a warm shower. No pills seem to be effective to me.
Nice to have you on here Paul!!Where are you from? Different meds are available in each country, but the best general thing that you can take is mint, peppermint, anything like that. So anything natural that has mint in it is great for ibs if your going the natural way.If you wanted over the counter stuff, for the gas and pain you can get an anti spasmotic, again it depends on where you are from on what it is called. But you can ask your pharmacist they are always helpful...Treating/managing IBS is very expensive, Im spending $40 or $50 a week!! It really adds up, but then I think of the alternative and I'd rather spend the money!!Good luck to you and looking forward to seeing your posts!
Thanks for the warm welcome Zoe!I live in Canada. In the reading I have done on mint/peppermint it may be a problem for me as I suffer from GERD and take Nexium to control it. Do you take mint/peppermint currently? Do you have any issues with heartburn?
Just signed for a free sample of Digestive Advantageâ„¢ for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Has anyone tired this before?
Hi, I am trying digestive advantage ibs right now. I also sent away for the free sample, but as of a month later it has not yet arrived. I also ordered digestive advantage from an internet pharmacy, because i don't think that it is available in Canada. I have been using it for just over a week now, and have seen a bit of improvement. I have had solid stools for 3 days and less urgency, as well as last night i did not experience any bloating at all which I usually have every night. I don't think it has fully started to work yet, so I will see what happens this week. I have still been having gas though. The nice thing about DA is that it is only 10$ american per box (which will last a month), plus you will have to pay shipping and handling which was 20$ u.s. for two boxes.
I can relate to the boating and gas. I don't know what your food/drink intake is like, but I have cut pop and caffeine way done and feel much better with the bloating. Try tea...peppermint tea is great for the digestive track.-Miranda
Hi Paul,I am also new to the IBS diagnosis.I have been taking DA for IBS for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed a huge difference. I have regular bowel movements now and a lot less gas. I have also altered my caffine, soda, and I try to stay away from processed and fast foods as much as possible, as well as red meats and raw vegetables like brocolli.I bought my digestive advantage at Walgreens Pharmacy.
quote:Originally posted by PaulS:Just signed for a free sample of Digestive Advantageâ„¢ for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Has anyone tired this before?
I was diagnosed a year ago with IBS and though cutting things out made me feel a little better I found taking Probiotics really helped. I use a brand called OptiBac now which are really good...and that along with staying off caffine (which I miss horribly!!!) has really helped.
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