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Hello:First, let me say I have found these boards most helpful with my IBS, GERD, etc. I thought perhaps I would get some feedback before seeing my doctor. I was diagnosed several years ago with IBS, after a literal lifetime of abdominal problems. My last colonoscopy was 2006. I have alternating constipation and diarrhea. Both are very problematic, but neither is painful or debilitating. Recently, in the last few months I'd say, I've had a strange IBS problem that I can't quite explain. I'll get my usual constipation and if I'm "normal", my BMs are very small and very narrow. Not exactly pencil shaped, but small. This is the odd part: when I get an attack, I get hideous spasms, which I NEVER had before. Expecting a diarrhea attack, instead I get a whole bunch of these small shaped, thin stools, all at once. One was very very thin. I'll have about 15 or twenty minutes of this, but no watery, loose stuff. I have no idea what triggers it, but it happens when I least expect it. I am now deathly afraid to eat anything. In addition, I suffer from GERD and Gastritis, which further hampers my appetite. I explained this as best as I could to my doctor, and he strongly suggested it was the IBS. As I said, I never had this type of strange attack before. Can IBS symptoms change this much? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm due for a colonoscopy, so I will probably just schedule one. I just wanted to hear from others. Thanks!
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