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New Job Flatulence

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Hi everyone, I have read a lot of the messages on this forum and am glad for the help this entire site gives me and others. Like my topic title states I have started a new FT job after working PT for several months. Unfortunately, I am having a major resurgence of symptoms of ibs-d including non ending wind. I know part of the problem is anxiety caused by going from working with hardly anyone around me all time to the dreaded office cubicle regime with like sixty people around. Also, Right now bowel movements have gone up from like ok 3-5 over entire day to like 10+ within first 6-9 hours a day. Anyone have any advice on how to get back to more manageable level I know it won't go away (I have accepted that after years of denial of the problem). I have had an emotional/psych breakdown caused by this same problem resulting in lost job before so I am trying to get a mental health appointment in next few days but until then wondering what to do. I have used peppermint capsules in past but the wind just started to smell like peppermint within hour or so and I am on a Lomotil generic right now.Thanks, Rob
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Hi Bob.Whatever you do, don't go down the sedative path as your problem won't be cured but you might end up creating a new problem of addiction & side effects.I know this won't give you immediate help but long term l recommend regular deep meditation and or yoga.Regular meditation focusing on muscle relaxation & the breathe over time will give you an ever increasing level of calm.Burning an essential oil with a fragrance of your choice during meditative periods of deep calm will develop an association between the two.Simply expose yourself to this scent at work, & you'll automatically recall & go into deep state of calmness due to your minds association.The other benefit is that it can help you let go of obsessive thoughts regarding your condition, something that can lead you towards breakdown.Meditation is a refuge for your nervous system & over time provides lasting calmness over your day. Naturally like anything in life, it improves with practice.Continue to seek out a solution to your immediate problem but give great thought to your future.l copped a couple of reactions to my FBO today & felt stressed because of it.To help me cope, l thought that no matter what l think, what others think of me is beyond my control.Observe yourself stressing & realise it makes no difference whether you worry about it or not.In fact, as you said, worrying makes things worse.Observing your thoughts & letting go allows you to focus on your job.
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