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This morning we upgraded the forum software.

There are many small changes sprinkled throughout the forums. One new key feature is the ability for you to Like This post. This works similar to how you like postings in Facebook except it is just liked on our forums.

We have seen this on other forums and it seems to help identify the useful posts a little easier. When you like this post you will receive a positive reputation point. Your total number of reputation points can be viewed by anyone on your Profile. We believe this also helps to identify the truly helpful members of our community.

Another new feature is the ability to Share a single post.

A common feature request had been the ability to share a single post. You might want to share a great reply to a topic on Facebook or perhaps email a link to an interesting post to a friend. You can now do this by clicking either the post number or the little share icon to the right of the post number.

We hope you like these new features.

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