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new & looking for advice

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Hi everyone,I've been reading through the boards for some time, but never posted anything until now. I was wondering if anyone has symptoms similar to these or could give me some advice on how to deal with them:I'm having major problems with nausea. Never to the point of throwing up, but just a nagging, sick feeling that can stay for weeks without relief. It's often accompanied by bloating and cramping, and I also have some issues with constipation/weird pattern of bowel movements... none of that is as bad as the nausea. I've seen a GI doctor, went through a pile of test (all normal) and tried all kinds of drugs (both OTC and prescription for everything from acid reflux to IBS), but nothing helped. It's been going on for a long time now. I'm avoiding diary, spicy and "gassy" foods, but in general it doesn't seem to matter what I eat. One day some food will be ok, an dthe next it'll make me feel worse, it's really random. Sometimes it'll go away for a few days or even weeks, but it'll always come back.Does that sound like it could be IBS (I've never been diagnosed with it, only "suspected"). Does anyone know of anything (drugs, supplements, herbs,... ) that might help with something like this? I'd be really grateful for any advice.~Julia
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I'm not a doctor and I'm new to the actual diagnosis of IBS ( i didn't believe it)...but I have had what you are experiencing. I'm not going to suggest that what you have is what I had but here goes... I had EXTREME anxiety after a death in the family, loss of job and family issues. I had terrible nausea...all tests said it was nothing. I also have Reflux ( take Prevacid). The only thing that helped me get over the nausea itself was sucking on CHERRY LUDENS cough drops. Have to be CHERRY and a non-menthol type of drop. The doc said this is the same as the syrup they give for nausea ( Emetral??) . I also starting taking ATIVAN when I felt the symptoms come on, to calm me ( the symptoms make me upset which brings on more symptoms!).It worked for me. I keep Cherry Drops of all kinds in the house now. Worked for me. ALL my tests were normal too ( gallbladder, emptying tests, nuclear tests, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, Barium swallows, IVP, endoscopy, blood work, CT scans, xrays). GOod Luck
I had something similar about 20 years ago, but mine was mixed in with severe fatigue. I've always held it was a result of my system just escaping mono, or perhaps, as a friend of mine suggests, of nutrisweet overdose.My doctor told me I had gastritis. I became lactose intolerant and could eat very little. I dropped a tremendous amount of weight. I never found anything that stopped it, but I found I could eat rice/chicken/cauliflower, hamburgers overcooked with all the juice squeeze out of them, and a small number of french fries. I could only eat *extremely* mild food, and only in small meals and I couldn't do any caffeine. My doc told me no pork, no bread or ruffage of any kind. He probably told me more that I don't recall. After a year of this diet, I found I could slowly add in other things. I still have serious problems with pork, though I can have it very occassionally. Oh, and he told me to drink room temperature 7-up. And I did tons of Tums.I would get brutal nauseous and a bit feverish just walking from my bedroom to my living room. I felt fine so long as I was sitting down. Moving around made me terribly ill.I will suggest 2 other things. Perhaps you have some ear problems? Ear issues can cause nausea. Secondly, you might consider finding a reputable accupuncturist in your area. I never believed in accupuncture until my chiroprator insisted I try it for my gall bladder issues. A treatment would give me improvements for about 3 months. Accupuncturists and Chiropractors--best if you've been refered by a friend--can often help identify problems whether they can treat them or not. I have a hiatal hernia that my chiro identified several years ago. I wasn't officially diagnosed with it until last year. I hope something in the above helps your situation. Good luck!
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