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new member - anyone ever heard of buscopan??

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hey guys, just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a drug called buscopan. My IBS only seriously bothers me about 3 times a year, and comes in the form of HUGE stomach pain attacks. I was told to go to the hospital and get a shot or two of buscopan. Anyone have any info about that??
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Hi Lyn,I have been taking Buscopan for the last 3 years and it is a antispasmotic for the bowel.Works pretty good for me but going to get a shot would be a pain (no pun intended).I get a prescription for 20mg three times a day in pill form.Ask your doctor for it and give it a try.I do find Metimucial works better and only use the buscopan for real bad flare ups now.Hope this helps
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I've had Buscopan for severe menstrual cramps (as bad as labour pains). It's very effective. Haven't tried it for IBS, but to be truthful my IBS pain has never been as bad as period pains, and anyway that's just a dim memory at my age!------------------Phyllis
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