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I go by Sabiduria, or Sabi for short.

I'm 28 & have had health problems for the last 8yrs. Doctors still don't know what is wrong with me. I have been chucked into the IBS group for now until they find a diagnoses. My doctor thinks it probably is more than one illness. My symptoms are:

Intestinal pain, Stomach pain, nausea, Endometriosis, dry eyes, dry mouth, stones in my salivary glands, problems sweating, arthritis, vertigo, shakes, Restless Leg Syndrome, chronic headaches.

I had to find a new GP doctor because my old one had basically given up on trying to figure out what was wrong with me & I think just decided it was all due to depression. My new GP started working with my old GP because he had too big of a case load. My new GP seems to be wanting to work on improving my quality of life but so far it hasn't been successful. He decided to work on my most debilitating symptom which is my IBS like issues. We are trying to increase the serotonin to my stomach but so far it hasn't been that successful.

I am engaged to a wonderful man but I have been unemployed for two years now and that is causing a strain on our relationship. I haven't been able to help out around the house much, more time than not, too depressed to want to do anything. Now it's at the point were my relationship could be over in the morning.

I don't qualify for any help from my provincial government, in order to qualify for disability you have to qualify for welfare. I don't qualify because my fiance makes too much money but we are still struggling to live because of medications and the cost of living. I'm currently filling out forms to see if I can qualify for federal disability but my doctor warned me he doesn't think I will qualify for that either.

Our sex life is next to nothing because for the longest time if we had sex it would hurt (Endometriosis) & I would pull a lot of abdominal muscles. Most of the time we couldn't have sex though because I felt gross & times when I would feel good, my fiance would be too worried about hurting me & causing me pain that he wouldn't risk having sex. He also has admitted that most of the time he feels like I am a dependant & not a lover/partner.

Really struggling here & trying to find the right balance in life.


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arthritis is because of problems with a sexual partner. The energy flow is blocked, causing sexual release problems. Eat more kiwis for breakfast with walnuts or any nuts you have available for breakfast. Start using real salt from a salt bed or salt mine in you midday and evening meals

I would look into methyl b12 for other symptoms you mentioned. Take this three ingredient drink for b12. Cacao powder or bakers cocoa powder teaspoon, 100% maple syrup dark teaspoon, 8 oz brewed coffee. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRINK EVERY DAY. When you drink a homemade mocha like this it is powerful. Drink it only from 7:00-11:00 am.

Fixing a relationship will make issues disappear as well.

Find something youre passionate about in life and do that work and make it fun.

Remember you are not a victim in life because the sperm and the egg met and spirit was breathed into you. YOU ARE A WINNER.

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Hi Sabi!

I know your post was a while back, but I just joined here today and saw this and wow do we have a lot in common!

I'm 29 and I've been dealing with various gastro and pelvic issues for the last seven years. I have chronic pelvic pain syndrome (a hypertonic pelvic floor muscle dysfunction - symptoms are almost identical to endometriosis), interstitial cystitis (chronic bladder pain syndrome) and I have been bounced around to so many different doctors trying to figure out what's wrong with my gastro issues.

I too have been chucked in the IBS group pending diagnosis, although the best guess right now is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and a sluggish gallbladder.

My mom has tested positive for celiac disease, and I've gone through years of testing and two endoscopies. They messed up the first one and made me eat gluten five times a day for 100 days, from which I gained 30 pounds in three months. It was a horrible experience - I essentially had food poisoning for three months, could barely work, and couldn't go more than a block or two from my apartment. ,In the end they found nothing, so they just diagnosed me with a non-celiac gluten sensitivity because I feel bad when I eat gluten-containing things.

For the next year and a half I cut gluten out entirely, but I still felt terrible all the time. The upper sternum pain, the nausea, vomiting, inability to move to take off all the weight I gained, all combined with severe pelvic pain, I was super not okay. I started seeing a naturopathic doctor who has done more for me than any medical doctor, although we're still working through it.

We realized gluten itself if not the issue, but a contributing factor. She thinks I have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which most gluten-containing foods feed, as well as other things like apples and high fructose corn syrup. I did two months of an herbal treatment. My medical doctor won't recognize my naturopath as an actual professional so she refuses to give me the antibiotic and just referred me to another gastroenterologist that I'll be lucky to meet in six months at best. The herbal treatment helped at first, but not completely. My hippie doctor (naturo) still thinks it's SIBO but I need a stronger antibiotic than she's licensed to prescribe.

Right now I'm five days in to a low FODMAP diet, which is helping significantly, but I know it's only symptom control and not a diagnosis or a cure- the second I try to eat normally again I'm done for. My guts are still a little tender and moving isn't that easy, and I'm still having some gastro issues, but the bloating and pain are improving.

My bloating when I eat most things is so bad my waist size will increase by six inches within 30 minutes. It makes me feel gross and on top of the massive sudden weight gain from my gluten challenge, I'm far from feeling like myself. On top of that gets piled guilt, so much guilt, which I know is counter-productive to my mental health. Whenever I 'risk it' or eat something I know will make me feel sick, I feel guilty. When I'm eating well, I think I should be working out and doing yoga or something, but I still don't feel like moving around a lot so I feel guilty about that.

I'm on a softball team and by some blessing in disguise I sprained my ankle four days before our first game of the season so I've been able to sit out the first three games. I go and keep score, apologize that I can't play because of my ankle, but I'm secretly terrified of getting back out there and not being physically able to handle it. I had to sit out all last season because I was in so much pain from my pelvic issues, and the season before because of my gluten challenge, so it's been a really long time since I've done anything really active. I feel nervous and guilty and lazy and gross at the same time.

My boyfriend is a wonderful man, but I know he gets frustrated at trying to help me through all of this. When we met I was in a good spell so he didn't see the bad sides. Less than a year after dating we moved in together and it all came full force: the pain, the gastro, the need for a support system, and he just didn't know how to handle it. He's a 'don't touch me, talk to me, and just leave me alone' kinda guy when he doesn't feel good, whereas I'm more 'hug me and give me words of comfort', and I feel even worse going through all of this feeling alone.

Granted, he's made great strides in understanding and comforting me when I'm not feeling well, but he still doesn't get it entirely and he still tries to 'fix' me, which only makes me feel worse. When I eat something I think might make me feel sick and I express to him I'm worried I'm not going to feel good, his response is that I worry too much and that maybe it hurts because I'm worried about it, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course stress makes pain and gastro issues worse, but when he says this it feel like he's saying it's all in my head or it's my fault for either "worrying too much" or for eating something I know might make me sick. It really brings me down when he tells me to just stop worrying, and if I try to tell him that, it devolves into "I'll just shut up and never talk again because I can't say anything right." It blows big time.

Even little things like I'll tell him I feel bad that I can't play softball, and instead of words of comfort he tells me how much he wishes I could play softball too and that he thinks it's sexy and he hopes I can do it soon. Sexy is something I certainly haven't felt lately, and hearing that just breaks my heart. I want to tell him how that makes me feel, but I won't because a. I'm embarrassed that I feel this way, and b. I don't think he'll say anything that won't make me feel worse and then I'll make him feel bad. We've been together a year and a half and I'm worried about whether he will want to put up with my conditions for a lifetime - I know he didn't sign up for this, and it just sucks.

I want to do all the things, I just can't, and then I question myself about whether I can't or whether I could if I just did all the things right all the time - only eat things I know 100% will not make me feel sick (I honestly don't even know what those are...), eat three, well-balanced, home-cooked meals a day so I don't have to stress about eating out and reading labels or not getting enough nutrition, work out every day, meditate.not be stressed, all while, y'know, living.

I'm just rambling now, but I just wanted to say I know how you feel! In a few ways I suppose. I hope you're doing better since your post.

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