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arthritis is because of problems with a sexual partner. The energy flow is blocked, causing sexual release problems. Eat more kiwis for breakfast with walnuts or any nuts you have available for breakfast. Start using real salt from a salt bed or salt mine in you midday and evening meals

I would look into methyl b12 for other symptoms you mentioned. Take this three ingredient drink for b12. Cacao powder or bakers cocoa powder teaspoon, 100% maple syrup dark teaspoon, 8 oz brewed coffee. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRINK EVERY DAY. When you drink a homemade mocha like this it is powerful. Drink it only from 7:00-11:00 am.

Fixing a relationship will make issues disappear as well.

Find something youre passionate about in life and do that work and make it fun.

Remember you are not a victim in life because the sperm and the egg met and spirit was breathed into you. YOU ARE A WINNER.
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