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I go by Sabiduria, or Sabi for short.

I'm 28 & have had health problems for the last 8yrs. Doctors still don't know what is wrong with me. I have been chucked into the IBS group for now until they find a diagnoses. My doctor thinks it probably is more than one illness. My symptoms are:

Intestinal pain, Stomach pain, nausea, Endometriosis, dry eyes, dry mouth, stones in my salivary glands, problems sweating, arthritis, vertigo, shakes, Restless Leg Syndrome, chronic headaches.

I had to find a new GP doctor because my old one had basically given up on trying to figure out what was wrong with me & I think just decided it was all due to depression. My new GP started working with my old GP because he had too big of a case load. My new GP seems to be wanting to work on improving my quality of life but so far it hasn't been successful. He decided to work on my most debilitating symptom which is my IBS like issues. We are trying to increase the serotonin to my stomach but so far it hasn't been that successful.

I am engaged to a wonderful man but I have been unemployed for two years now and that is causing a strain on our relationship. I haven't been able to help out around the house much, more time than not, too depressed to want to do anything. Now it's at the point were my relationship could be over in the morning.

I don't qualify for any help from my provincial government, in order to qualify for disability you have to qualify for welfare. I don't qualify because my fiance makes too much money but we are still struggling to live because of medications and the cost of living. I'm currently filling out forms to see if I can qualify for federal disability but my doctor warned me he doesn't think I will qualify for that either.

Our sex life is next to nothing because for the longest time if we had sex it would hurt (Endometriosis) & I would pull a lot of abdominal muscles. Most of the time we couldn't have sex though because I felt gross & times when I would feel good, my fiance would be too worried about hurting me & causing me pain that he wouldn't risk having sex. He also has admitted that most of the time he feels like I am a dependant & not a lover/partner.

Really struggling here & trying to find the right balance in life.

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