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hi I have recently been told I have IBS-D after a bad case of gastro from an overseas holiday. I am still going to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done to rule out other possibilities in 2 weeks time, but the doc thinks it most likely IBS. I am feeling extremely scared and depressed at the moment as it has changed my life a lot. I have been afraid to leave my house for the last 2 months and am constantly worrying about where the nearest toilet is. Am starting to feel very isolated from freinds who have gone on with their lives. I have been reading a lot about IBS on the net, and am discouraged to continually read that it is not something that goes away. am worried that I will no longer be able to keep my job as I have missed a lot of days at work already.sorry to whinge a lot, but its such a relief to find oters who know what I am feeling.I am also goign to start on Heather's diet this week and see if that helps.any reassurance will be much appreciated
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While it doesn't go away, most people find things that control and minimize the symptoms so they are able to keep their jobs, go out with friends, etc.Heather's diet is a good place to start.You might check out the threads on the OTC section about Calcium, that helps a lot of IBS-Ders and is a nutrient most of us do not get enough of.Taking Imodium morning and night may control it so you are more comfortable going out (take the lowest dose you can you don't want to constipate yourself).Some people do very well with probiotics (acidophilus, lactobacillus, various other probiotic bacteria)Once the doctor has looked you over there are a fair number of medications they can try you on some of which work extremely well for some can take time to find the ones.One thing to consider is this sounds post-infectious and a fair number of people do have it fade in intensity over time.If you are interested in that route (some are, some are not) various mind-body therapies do help a lot. How you relate to the symptoms can make them more intense or less intense because the mind talks to the gut and visa versa and that can be either a healthy or a dysfunctional relationship. The extremely scared and depressed is probably getting communicated to the gut and probably doesn't help the symptoms any (it is NOT in your head, but what goes on in your head effects the gut) I did really well with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Some people do really well with Hypnotherapy (especially one set of tapes a lot of people here did ) For me with the CBT I found the "how will I live the rest of my life" thoughts tend to keep symptoms going when they start up. "This too shall pass" thoughts tend to make the symptoms calm right back down.I hope you find something that helps soon
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Hi Kath,thanks so much for writing back. I feel better knowing that there are others out theer who understand what I am feeling. I am in Melbourne australia, and as far as I know, there are no support groups here for this kind of condition. My doctor doesnt seem to think its very serious either......I have been thinking of cognitive behavioural therapy, but again, am not sure where to stat looking for someone who does that with ibs in mind. My first impressions again are that the resources here for IBS sufferes isnt the best.thanks once again. I shall look into some of the optioins you mentioned
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zouka, where did you go on vacation and what did you eat?Im in the same phase you are after living with this for a while. Ive got it bad or at least I "think" I do. Im going to figure this out one way or another.Sincerely, aquafina
HI aquafina,I went to Fiji, and ate jsut about everything, so I am nto sure what it is that made me sick, but I was sick the last 2 days of my holiday. I have a suspicion that is was some fish I ate that may have caused it.hope you figure out what you have, and hope its not IBS!.......
Im sorry to hear that about fiji, I was told it was a nice place to go. I def have IBS and im working day after day to figure out what(s) causing my bowls to be irratible. Even though complex per case Doctors need to learn more. Till they do I will be doing my own research.Hope you feel better, and try to do anything to get it off your mind after you get it controlled somewhat.
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