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NEW, need help/info/in pain

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HiI am new here and probablly have IBS (planning a dr.s visit shortly). Know way to put this but plainly. I use to have bloating issues(couple years ago, but now that is not that often) but this past week or two have had terrible BM's; like having to go and nothing is really there, it hurts really bad. Today I have been avoiding eating for this very reason and just having water. It doesn't help when I have a small hemerhoid (the birth thing 1 1/2 years ago). I know I need to avoid nuts, but what else can I do? I have some basic info..smaller meals, water, exercise, but i am wondering if I need to drastically change my diet (ie; off dairy etc..) Can you give me some immediate ideas to help relieve some of this pain (in the but literally) and long term suggestions. I will roam the boards for now until I see my dr. and perhaps a naturopath.Thanks so much, I am kinda new at this and would appreciate any help,CJ
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go to .. - plenty of valuable advice and active bulletin boards.
THANK YOU, it was very useful and I am going to try a few things mentioned!!!
Hi Mommy2EJ - and welcome!Try chewing on some fennil seeds ( you can get them on the site Judith mentions or at a health food store as well.)It does sound like IBS, but your doc will know for sure. Diet can help some and not others - I was down to crackers and water and no relief because everything bothered me!For the hemmies, try aloe vera gel, or Calmoseptine - or Prep H cooling gel - and use a wet wipe gently - may help a bit.I'm over on Heather's .. site as well - take care, and welcome and hope you feel better soon.
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