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Hello everyone,

I have had IBS since 2003. It started out as IBS-C but then switched to IBS-D in 2014 when I had 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions and was undergoing treatments for candida with a naturopath for about 2 years. I have tried many things like others here over those many years.

Currently I am following FODMAP since 2 or 3 months. It was not working so good until I starting eating goat yogurt with no inulin 3 weeks ago and now I have some relief. It make take a while yet to relief the inflammation.

About 4 weeks ago I did an enema series and am experienced at it. I did essential oil, coffee then biffidum implant with 25% aloe juice. It was more painful that previous ones I did 3 years ago when I had IBS-C but I also had euphoria during the treatment which was weird. Normally when I had IBS-C it would be good for 6 months but now it was only good for 1 week. Maybe because it is only for the large intestine (and maybe I have SIBO?) or maybe because it was 50% biffidum / 50% acidophilis (I doubt it)?

I am wondering about SIBO (I am going to try to get diagnosed by my doctor in mid June). Is SCD really a good idea? I thought posts on using SCD and antibiotic herbs (I prefer herbs to drugs when possible) for SIBO on this forum looked non-promising but this article I found looks interesting (year 2015):

The keyword is "hide". He says

"If you listened to Chris' recent podcast with Dr. Pimentel, you'll know that having happy and fed bacteria is a good thing when treating SIBO-this is not the time to be starving them, as they will "hide" and become more difficult to eradicate. Eating FODMAPs and carbohydrates is exactly what you want to be doing!

In my own practice, I recommend that clients undergoing treatment eat as many FODMAP foods as they can tolerate and that they do not go on a low-carb diet. (I like to see a minimum of 100 grams of carbohydrates daily, and more, if tolerated.)

I also will typically add some kind of prebiotic if the client can tolerate it. A study that compared rifaximin alone versus rifaximin treatment plus partially hydrolyzed guar gum supplementation showed that providing fermentable carbohydrate along with the antibiotic improved success rates from about 62% (rifaximin alone) to 87% (rifaximin plus guar gum) (8)."
Has anybody had success with this "drawing them out" vs "SCD" approaches?
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