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New problem- please help

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for those of you who know me, i am severely constipated, finding relief only with mag supplements; even though i go a little, a couple times in the morning i have always felt comfortable and without any feeling of poop still left behind; over the past several days, even though i am going a bit more, i have the feeling of something in that area; it just doesn't feel cleared out and it is very uncomfortable; i wondered if it could be that the sphincters are so weak that poop is kind of dropping down and causing this feeling; any ideas? thanks in advance.
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Just a comment to what i wrote above: it seems like something is just "in there", in the anal area; could it be a tumor? a prolapse? i am on vacation and will be here in Fla for another 15 days so i just have to live with whatever it is until i get back to Michigan. I am concerned and feel like i am sitting on a brick-
cig- i experience the same thing altho i wouldn't call it a "brick" - more like a "pebble" - i generally get that sensation in late afternoon not in the mornings after pooping two to four times (thanks to mag, time, diet, etc) - recently was examined by a gastro who found nothing and am having my first colonoscopy in two weeks - but he went right up there and felt nothing. generally, in the late afternoons, i discover through manual examination (my own, fingercot, prep H cream, etc) that there is indeed a "pebble" or two of poop up there that i have to manually extract. i'm thinking this is because of the mag and flax oil etc that i take. that is, lot of poop going on. ha ha ha. good luck, g-
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