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I have IBS w/ D. Very bad D lately. I am so happy to find this forum!! It really gives me comfort that I'm not alone!! Currently I work at olive garden as a waitress and bartender, the other bartenders know about my issues (they have similiar problems). it is pretty easy to escape. It is hard when your at a table and the people want to ask a million pointless questions and I can feel an attack coming on.
I actually finished school to be an art teacher and am supposed to be substituting but have been holding for fear of attacks while in class. I am going to the doc. soon to ask about prescription medicines to hopefully help. I am also getting
married in oct. and am petrified of an attack at the altar! I don't have prescrip. coverage either so any help or suggestions would be appreciated on D controlling meds. and their costs....if one kind is cheaper? Thanks everyone!!!
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