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Hi All,I just turned 30 and have IBS-C for 5 years. I was first diagnosed during my 1st pregnancy with my son. It was a nightmare of enemas, laxatives, never relief, etc...After his birth I discovered the miracle of Zelnorm and took that through my 2nd pregnancy until it was pulled from the market during my 3rd trimester! I recently gave birth to my 3rd child and it was another nightmare with laxatives, ect...After giving birth to him my colon still will not move fast enough and allow me to feel normal. So...I know all about the Resolor and desperately want that drug now! my husband is a family practice physician and I wish he could write me a script and send it to Germany!During my 3rd pregnancy I did order Zelmac from Medsmex but it did not work at all for me. Now that I'm not pregnant I'd like to try it again but I'm wondering how we really know this drug is from novartis. When I look on the novartis website it does not show that they manufacture Zelmac at all. How do we know this is from Novartis and they are shipping it to Mexico? Just a little nervous...thanks for any info.LindsayPS---I do take natural supplements, water, fiber, raw foods, organic foods, etc, etc...
. My last attempt was accupuncture.
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