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Wow!! I am soooo glad that I came across this website!! I have struggled with IBS for 13 years now, and have felt like a complete freak of nature!! Have any of you read Dr. Salt's book on IBS? Did you find it helpful and would you reccomend it? Thanks!!
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Welcome,If you have diarrhea ibs checkout the calcium success story thread and if you have questions please feel free to email me another one who felt like a freak for many years with this condition.Linda
Welcome to the bb Stacy, I would recommend Dr Salts book although personally I have not read it I know people who have and they found it very informative.I have a link to the news section with a chat transcript of his you might check out.There is also another good one there. Hope this helps.------------------
Hi, I've also had this a LONG time and was so glad to find the site. I've never known anyone ever with this and most friends soon tire of it. There are lots of helpful people on here. I do wish sometimes I had a person in my life who could kind of understand. (hubby's wonderful, but I mean a gal) We welcome.
welcome to the BB stacey jo, so glad you found it!! I haven't read the book you mentioned perhaps others have. Hope you find some relief/support and so on here, susan
Stacy JoWelcome to the board. I think I have been here about a month and in that time have found an answer to my IBS. There are many knowledgeable people here and will talk about everything from pain , to type of BM, or how your hair is curled!! Honestly , most are very very helpful.The book that you mentioned is one I have not read but I did read the two articles that Eric posted and they are excellent. I would be interested in visiting this doctor some time if I start having problems again. He sounds very sharp.I was talking calcium already but take it broken up more,LNAPE suggested a large dose a night so I do that,and it helped. Then I began eating Ezekiel bread and that was the answer to all prayers. I have had this for so so long so maybe I can travel a little now. I can fly free anywhere but have been too anxous of late to do it. I still do not like to fly either. My son works for a major airline so I can go anywhere if I can get a seat. I am still trying to get the nerve to go visit him 8 hrs by car away so hope I can now. I mean I can make it by car but trying to get the nerve to fly as this little plane has no restroom but I think I can handle that soon I hope.I hope that you find something that works for you! We are here when you need us. Just call!------------------trishb[This message has been edited by trishb (edited 10-01-2000).]
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