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Hi everyone

I've never tried a forum before, but i was googling stuff online today (which i know i shouldn't do!) and found this. I'm 27 years old and have been suffering with GERD and IBS for about 3 years now.

I had stomach issues when i was younger, but nothing this bad. About 3 years ago my stomach started feeling very very bad. Burning, nausea, vomiting almost every morning before work, trouble eating, all that stuff. I asked my family doctor and he said i was too young to have acid reflux. went back a while later, and he finally gave me something for it, Tecta (Pantoprazole magnesium). I did start to notice a difference. My stomach wasn't as bad as it was, but it still sucked.

I went for all sorts of xrays and stuff, the tube down my throat, everything. They found nothing majorly wrong, which i guess i should have been happy about, but i wasn't. They said the only thing they noticed was acid reflux. I was crushed that they couldn't find an answer, even if it was cancer or something. I switched doctors about 1.5 years ago. Got a bunch of blood tests on everything from Chrohn's Disease to Celiac Disease. Once again, nothing. I cried when I heard the news.

Ever since then, my new doctor has been trying different things. I was taking Tecta twice a day, and tried out a bunch of different antidepressants and stuff, Zoloft, whatever. I've noticed a difference, but my stomach still feels at about a 4 every day, and i have no days where there is zero pain. I usually puke at least a few times a week. I was always afraid to try new medications, because one i tried made me projectile vomit every morning. This has gone down somewhat in the past two weeks, as i was taken off Tecta and put on Rabeprazole. I haven't puked in a few weeks, but my stomach still feels shitty.

Of course some days are worse than others, but it never fully goes away.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I think i'm going to ask him to keep me on this new medication for now. Try it for a few more weeks.

As you all know, it is SO FRUSTRATING! some days i can handle it, sometimes i don't want to leave the house, others i'm in pain at work all day, sometimes i just want to end it all and stop breathing to get rid of this constant pain. I don't know what else to do and i feel hopeless at times. I don't know what to do if this new pill doesn't work, as my doctor has told me he's run out of different prescriptions to try.... I want to get the surgery, i'll ask him again, but i doubt it will happen.

So that's a part of my story. I'm sure i missed a lot and there is some bad grammar. Just feeling especially shitty today (and anxious!) I'm sick of complaining to my amazing boyfriend. So i came on here. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, suggestions, anything, would be greatly appreciated!

- Sarah

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Hello Sarah,

I am fairly new to IBS. It came on in May and I suffered physically through a few months and had several of the usual tests and doctors until I got the diagnosis. I'm still having bad days, but things have gotten much better.

I empathize that you are going through so much! I wanted to say I don't know how much you have heard of the FODMAP list of foods, but it can be incredibly helpful! I also know of a site online that can also be helpful - the Well-Balanced FODMAPPER I think it's called.

I hope things get better for you very soon, Sarah! I trust as things get sorted out that you will become so much stronger in your journey through life and with your health.

Blessings to you & warmest regards,

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