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New User...tell me how to take Caltrate!

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I am reading a lot about the Caltrate butnone of the posts seem to have the dosagelisted. I am ready to run to the drug storethis minute to go buy some but need to knowhow much to buy. Am I right to assume thateveryone is having success taking 1/2 a pillat every meal?? Does this include snacking?I have IBS with cramps and dia...(you know)
Anxiously awaiting an answer.
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Hi Amy, and welcome to the Board. Initially, you should take one with each meal (3 a day) and see how it works for you. You may not need to take that much. I take one a day now, but I don't suffer from D as severely as some on the board. Good luck, and let us know how it works for you!(It's the purple and white box that is most recommended.)
Thanks for the reply!! One more I have any time frame I have to "wait" before I begin eating? Or do I just take itand immediately eat?
I take mine WITH meals, but others do a little before to let it kick in. You will have to find the right combination of dosage and times that works best for you. With me, one a day keeps things "normal" or close to normal until I eat something that is a trigger, then I take a second one.
How bad would it be for me to taake 4 caltrate a day?. It seems that after a few months on 3 a day it is not working, I took an extra one and it seemed to do a bit better, but I am still getting an attack once a week or so, something quit working for me. I have to take the caltrate with Vit D only because the small amt. of magnisium gives me worse diarreha.BIg diappointment has set in for me with this because i thought the caltrate was kicking in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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