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New with a few questions

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I have IBS-D (with sometimes C). I find when I have a really bad bout of D. Then I am C for a few days, then the cycle repeats itself. Sound familiar to anyone?I was taking Bentyl, but the side effects were awful. Rapid heart beat, light-headed, etc. My dr. gave me Librax, but I'm very hesitant to take that. I take Imodium when I absolutely have to leave the house, but them C happens again.After reading all the postings about Caltrate Plus, I really want to give it a try. I was wondering if the chewables work the same as the tablets. I have a very hard time swallowing pills and the chewables would be ideal for me.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.I'm so happy I found this place. It really makes you realize you're not alone.
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If the Bentyl is helping at all then try cutting your dose in half, you may get fewer side effects.
From what I've heard, the caltrate chewables work as well. Search at this site and at on Caltrate. You'll come up with many threads that can probably answer your question. If your questions aren't answer, ask LNAPE, she'll know.------------------RhetanaIBS D for 10 years (and counting, unfortunately)
Yes the chewable in the orange box is the same ingredients and the Caltrate 600 Plus.Email me if you need help.Linda
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