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hello everybody, I'm so glad to have found this site, I hope that I can get some good information here.I am 33 yrs old, no kids. I had suffered from constipation since I was a little girl, I used to go to the bathroom every other day or every 3 days - not regular at all. And then when I went it was always small hard marbles (as my mom puts it). By the time I got to college I started to watch what I eat more careful and have gotten better. I started to eat more fruits and vegtable (never ate a lot of meat anyway) and that really help. THE Problem that I had started last year around this time (in March) I got some stomach flu or something from eating fried fish (those grocery store bought) I remember eating it really late at night and then being sick for at least 3 days (vomit, diar. couldn't eat anything for the first two days). I finally took some pepto and felt better. A month later I started having pain in my abdomen, upper right quadrant. To make a story short I had 1. an ultrasound 2. endoscopy 3. hida scan 4. ct scan 5. be enema colonoscopy 6. regular colonoscopy.Everything came out normal, seems like I have nothing. My gallbladder is fine, everything is OK. I keep insisting to my 3 doctor's already that I have IBS, but what they gave me didn't work. I asked the technicians for copies of all my test results. What I DO noticed is that my transverse colon is prolapsed. I do not know if anybody has seen copies of their results (be enema) but I even saw it while I was having the test done. I'd like to know if anybody has seen anything like this. Would a prolapsed transverse colon cause the pain??? Has anybody experienced this?? by the way, my constipation has gotten much better. I eat oatmeal every day in the morning (try) and I will go. I hardly eat any meat and I HAVE to eat vegetables at lunch and dinner otherwise I won't go the next day. thanks kellie
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