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Newbie Question about Triggers

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I've been so nauseous that I haven't been able to eat much. When I AM able to eat, I'm too scared to eat anything because I think everything is going to start another episode. I was wondering how long after you eat something does it take to have an adverse effect so you know it is a trigger? I've only been drinking water & eating a cracker or piece of toast once in a while. I've always been a HUGE milk drinker & am now afraid to even drink that from what I've been reading.
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every food you just mentioned would set me offallergic to milkcrackers, toast combo with fat = bad don't need carbohydrates to live but you do need fat and proteinfor alot of people when you cut out the carbs like crackers. toast you get no gas at all sounds too good to be true doesn't it? but it works for alot of peoplein the past when i ate lots of carbohydrates i used to not beable to eat a single bite of broccoli or fatning meat with out geting horrible gas all day longbut now with out the carbohydrates i can eat big bowl fulls of broccoli and fatning meat and get no gas or any stomach problems at all
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