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Hi, I am a 27 yo woman. I have had IBS about eight years, after having glandular fever. I suffer from constipation most of the time with bouts of diarrhea a good bit. I get a lot of headaches and this is what I find the worst. I really feel it affects me. I am very conscious of my stomach making noises, especially in meetings, etc. I get very embarrassed, especially if I am in someone else's house and it's quiet. I tried a wheat free and dairy free diet at different times and lot of constipation/diarrhea medications but nothing seems to help. I do think it's stress related as I have always been a worrier. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and as it is always worse in the evenings, I feel it is really ruining our time together. I don't feel like a 27 year old, I feel old and embarrassed by it. I have told barely any of my friends. It's not easy to talk about! I would love to hear if anyone is suffering similar symptoms and if they have found anything that helps. I would love my life back!
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