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Hello all. Wow am I happy to find you! I have silently sufferd with IBS (I think) for ~6 yrs. At first I thought I was lactose intolerant but found that avoiding lactose did nothing for me. I saw a few different doctors over the years but every time I mentioned my symptoms they wanted to "scope" me (talk about aversion therapy)and said there was nothing wrong. So, I stopped going to the doctors. A friend suggested the IBS possibility but said there was nothing anyone could do about it. So, again no doctor visit. I have learned a lot from reading these posts today. Thank You.I do have one more thing to add (hopefully not too controversial). The only thing I have found that really alleviates the pain, bloating, cramping, depression, and anxiety is marijuana. I know it is not the most healthy thing but it really helps. Has anyone else used this? Thanks again. I hope I did not offend anyone.
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Not to be nosing into your private life or anything, but how does it 'help' you symptoms????? I am honestly curious, not passing judgement!!!!
LisaNZ, I appreciate your sensitivity and I understand you are not being critical. Of course I am not any kind of expert but I think it relaxes the muscles that are cramping. Along those same lines I think the bloated feeling may also be muscular in nature. (does this make any sense?). After I eat I feel like there is a watermelon in my stomach, then horrible cramping in my guts, then the inevitable. It seems the muscle relaxation I get from marijuana alleviates this. I honestly don't know why.Additionally, it does make me feel less stressed and anxious. I think stress really brings on my attacks (for lack of a better word).I understand this is a sticky topic. I am not some seedy criminal. I am a former US Marine, Penn State Alum, and successful IT professional. Unfortunately my extreme discomfort has brought me to this drastic solution.
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