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I am a 20 year old female from England. I was diagnosed with IBS about 1 year ago, it felt like the doctor just gave up on my symptoms and decided to just go with IBS. I get bad abdominal pain and other symptoms that suggest PSO however i was tested and that was not the case so the dr said it will be IBS.

I never had that bad flare ups until recently when my diet changed dramatically from unhealthy fatty foods to healthy veg and fruit still some unhealthy but more of a balance. Long story short 3 stone weight loss but new stronger flare ups. I am still a little of my target weight but now i am in a heathy BMI range for the 1st time i can remember. Any ideas how I establish flares up? What i do during a flare up?

It has nothing to do with stress or anxiety as I don't struggle with these, a lot if the advice is how to handle stress related IBS and i need some that is based on what i eat and drink.

For the next 2 weeks i am cutting out coffee and carbonated drinks eg. Pepsi or &UP.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.
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