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Newly Diagnosed

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Recently I have been diagnosed with IBS (or my doctor thinks that is what I have)and I find I am having trouble coping with this illness. Before I became sick, I was able to do things without thinking about where a washroom was, but now it seems as if my life revolves around making sure I know where a washroom is no matter where I am. In the 50 days that I have been ill, it seems as if my life is not my own anymore. I am only 41 years old but feel as if life is passing me by. How does everyone cope with this? Does it get better? I would really appreciate hearing from others who have suffered from this.
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My IBS is not as severe as that of many members here. It has caused me some embarrassing moments. When I was first diagnosed, my supervisor told me not to allow it to rule my life and to research on the net all I could and go to the library and bookstore and so the same. Locate the washrooms and become familiar with the quickest route to them. Carry a change of cloting in a neat little bag (I used a backpack since it fits on the back of my electric scooter). Include wet wipes of some sort. You can make your own and I would be happy to get the recipe for them if you would like. That saves a bit of money. Also put in the big ziploc bags and disposable gloves. You would be surprised at the number of people in your situation. When they find out that you have IBS, I would bet that some of them will approach to discuss it and ask questions. They either have it themselves or have a relative with it and want to get information. I finally decided that we all have to poop and we aren't all the same. It is a normal body function that we can not survive without. I go take care of the problem and if someone looks at me funny, I comment "darned dogs. why don't people clean up after them?" and go on.
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Hi Sunny. Thank you for your comments. I am sure that I do not have IBS as bad as some on the website and for that I AM grateful. Knowing that there are people out there, like you, who has been through what I am going through is a big comfort. Also, just being able to get some emotional support is a tremendous help. Virginia
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