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No insurance, feeling pain, ideas? Suggestions?

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Well, actually for the last few weeks my pain has been subsided, but this last week it has been unbearable. I don't know. I was diagnosed about a month ago or two. Since then (about 2 weeks ago) my husband was laid off from his job. I was supposed to go see my doctor this week... but since he was laid off... we no longer have the insurance and I can't go. When I went last he had given me a colonoscopy and and endoscopy on upper GI... and then decided it was IBS. He said it might just be that I am a normally stressed person and put me on meds. The meds he put me on is for mild sedation of the colon. I haven't been able to speak with him further, and I am relying for the next few weeks on information that I find here, books, and the internet in general. I am noticing relations to food. I had pizza and nearly died, LOL. OWWWWWW! But I haven't had it long enough to know the common triggers or a way to find the common triggers. There is also SO much conflicting information on the net and by doctors it is confusing as to what causes IBS and the best way to combat it. I am reading over old posts on here, but if anyone knows some good sites to check out or triggers, or well, any useful information please let me know. I am a part time employee at my work ,but they are great people. They are willing to pay half of my insurance and are helping me out A LOT!!! I will have insurance again, hopefully, by the end of the month... so until then, I am trying to control it... I just don't know why it is acting up... or if it will just do this sometimes in the future. I am new here and to the problem. I will appreciate any info you all may have! Thanks! ~Blessed Be~ :love:
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Hello GrumpyTummyWhy don't you try DMSO. It's the cheapest and the most effective medicine you will ever buy and it does noot need any prescription. It's sold at the health shops. For pain I use DMSOCoconut stopped my bleeding, bloating and gasI used wheatgrass to boost my energy as multivitamin tablets trigger my UCI hope this information will help
If you look on the food/diet/nutrition thread, you will see others have recommended a book Food Allergy and Food Intolerance by Jonathan Brosoff.Why not call your local library and, if they have it, read it and try the elimination diet before you do anything else. Also, you can call your doctor's office and ask them to fax or mail you copies of the colonoscopy report (especially if they did a biopsy). Read it over. Doctors office do not charge for this in my experience.If your library doesn't have the book, try an internet search and see if available used anywhere.Maybe a week or so of only plain beef/fish, fresh vegetables/fruits and see if things improve?Take CareCarol
Check out Heather Van Vorous. She has two books, Eating for IBS and IBS: The First Year. Her particular diet hasn't helped me that much, but others have had great success. No matter what, she actually HAS IBS, which I've found to be invaluable. She has great tips, and provides wonderful support. She is also very well-educated on the medical side of IBS. It's worth a look. Her website is www.eatingforibs.comGood luck!Amy
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thanks you guys. I am just learing here. What is DMSO? Is that what it is called in the store, or a short name for it? I will also check out the books... until I get back to the doc. I got the results back from my tests... the colonoscopy, endoscopy, and such they all came out normal? Is there usually any reading with these tests and IBS?
those tests would come out normal with IBS. basically, IBS is the diagnosis when they ruleout everything else. Which is sometimes it's a's a few ideas - keep a food diary to see if you can identify which food trigger problems. I've heard the books Carol and Amy mentioned are really good. Also, you might want to keep a diary of other things to see if there re non-food related triggers. I know for me, stress is a biggie! Also just eating poorly - weird times, high fat - can do it too for me.I'm not sure what your symptoms are other than pain. I don't have personal advice for treating that since I only get pain associated with either D or C - not just in general (and people who do get my complete sympathy). But if you are dealing with D, look into calcium (see OTC forum). A lot of people have success with that and as a woman, it's usually something you need a lot of anyway (I know my doc was really happy I was taking it). If it's C, look into magnesium. Another thing people have had success with. If you alternate like me, try a combo - 2:1 calcium:magnesium ratio seems best for me. Fiber can also help with both. Peppermint is a natural anti-spasmodic although if you have acid reflux, it's a bad idea as it will aggrevate it.these are just a couple of ideas. In my book, they're relatively simple things you can try over the counter. A doctor can help with more. Also one other thing to look into is hypnotherapy or cognitive behavioural therapy (see the forum in the coping tools section). A lot of people have success with pain management that way. I've done hypno and found it helped tremendously.take carenancy
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Hello GrumpyTummyDimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO).Just give it a try. It is so cheap that it will not hurt your pocketI had severe back and abdomen pains for several years and I got relief after about 30 minutes of my first teaspoon of DMSO. You can either drink it this liquid or apply it the the area of pain.
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