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Hi rj100,I'd like to comment on your alternative medicine solution to stop gas.When this gas problem spoiled my life a year ago, I went right to a gastroenterologist; got many tests and he found gallstones, so I was really in despair that agreed to get my gallbladder off. But gas was still there. Then I turned to naturopathy, this ‘reputable’ New England ND initially tried IBS: I got Permeability complex; Colostrum; Digestive Enzymes; Intestinal cleaner; It didn’t work.Then he tried Candidiasis: I got Colloidal Silver; Yeast killer; Colon Cleanser; H Pylori treatment; Liver Pills ( Candida hides in liver…) and also didn’t work.I went back to science, found another Dr (MD), and ordered Lab Tests. The Naturopath stuff caused some damage to my Liver, and as you know, this stuff is not FDA approved! Well I’m afraid I cannot sue this guy…Recent tests found I have SIBO, so I expect this time I’ll get some cure.This is my opinion and personal situation; I know that other people have found alternative medicine cure or relief, but you have to be careful. Colon Hydrotherapy is dangerous. If applied wrongly, it can perforate your intestines. See this Quackwatch Gastro: I’m glad it worked for you, it didn’t for me. Take care, Tony
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