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Well, I too, thought I had IBS, my doctors said it was caused from stress. I came to the chat boards and read all your responses, ideas,and felt better that I wasn"t alone. Then I was sitting next to a woman on a plane, discussing nutrition and the diet I was on. I told her that the only part of my diet I didn"t care for was all the aspartame & saccarin I was injesting with the diet soda, sugarless gums & candies. She was a nutrition expert in the field of neutriceuticals and told me to stop all that because of how dangerous aspartame was - causing brain tumors, among other side effects. (I knew it was bad, but wanting to lose weight, I went against my better judgement and ate those sugarfree items.) I agreed that I should give it up & I did. Amazingly enough, my abdomin stopped hurting & all the other IBS symtoms went away as well. After a week, I was so surprised at my better health, but didn"t relate it to the elimination of aspartame. A co-worker then brought in an article about aspartame which listed all the side effects, including: gastrointestinal disorders! The light bulb finally went on. So if any of you out there are not positive that it is truly IBS, try giving up ALL artificial sweeteners - and realize how much you are using it. Equal in your coffee, diet soda for lunch, sugarfree gum, etc. It"s even in our toothpaste & mouthwash and our children"s vitamins. I know I feel great and am so thankful to discover this I wanted to share my story with you! Good luck - I am finally free!
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