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no self esteem about working

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hi.....I jsut wanted some advice as I feel I have lost all of mys elf confidence and vitality since my IBS started 2 years ago. I havent worked for the past year, but now need to, but am so disillusioned. I feel I wont be abel to hold down a good job or be able to perform let alone find a job in the first place due to IBS. I was wodnering if those of you who work can give me some tips on how to overosme these issues.thanks
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I can relate totally.Working can be such a daunting task when you worry about IBS all of the time. Is it possible to start by only working part time for a few weeks? that may help you get used to it. Also Id suggest when you do find a job to make sure to explain to your boss what you have, most people are extremely understanding.I think something you need to do definantly, is relax, focus on the fact that YOU CAN DO IT! Have confidence in yourself. Alot of us make it work so can you
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Hey Kimsta;I can totally relate. I have been on disability since August 2006 and am still not ready to go back to work physically.Are you taking any antianxiety or antidepressants? Have you talked with a counselor?Talk therapy may help you get over your self-esteem issues.
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