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ya know, i really want to know why the hell this happens to us! this will sound kind of stupid but, heres goes. my mom told me alot, "i hope you have this kind of situation and that you're daughter is worse than you" or i hope this(meaning her, she had a massive stroke and we had to take care of her, she was like a baby when she came home from the hosp. after 6 months) would happen to the neighbor." my daughter is way worse than me and i have the ****s very, very much! so, just to let you know i believe that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger! this is where i get my strive to go on and my strength for life. i've tried diet, immodium, less stress(ha, where the hell can you find less stress, some beautiful, unpopulated island in the pacific!) so let's be real! denny gave me some real insentive, just go with the flow cuz, you can't controll this(which is really hard for me cuz, i need to be in controll of my body and mind at all times, i am my own judge, ya know!)GOD, i'm so very sorry for unloading all this #### on all of you and i just can't believe that i've said this personal stuff here. but, why, can feelings and life(past and present have that much to do with the body as a whole?)can just someone telling you you're getting pudgy or you have a few more wrinkles really affect a person as a whole? if so, how come it doesn't affect everyone! i realize that everyone has issues and believe me, i'm not wining(that is one thind i am not, is a winer!)but, my issues happened in my teens and twenties. my ibs-d started in my earley thirties. why the delay!?
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