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what is it?anyone know?tom
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"Normal" According to whom???? I would venture that is a personal individual thing.But I feel normal when I am comfortable in my own skin. I know my skin isn't perfect,,,, but it IS mine. And I'm not necessarily shootin for perfect anyway.BQ
webster defines normal as:
quote: perpendicular to a tangent at a point of tangency
so that's not me
also, conforming to a norm, a pattern. So if you're IBS is predictable (or even if it's unpredictability is predictable), then that's normal. ou know, I do have flares that I call my "normal" IBS stuff. It's when it's unusual or really catches me off guard do I think it's abnormal.nancy
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"Normal"does it even exist?I think not.I think "normal" is something that those with IBS devised to prevent us from living our lives as fully as we could, should, would... and will.Evie
I meant to say "those WITHOUT IBS"Jeff... will you PLEASE
Evie, He is working on it but didn't want to implement anything new on the BB til things settle down with their new baby.BQ
Oh for heaven's sake... not to be disrespectful here... but we've all had babies before..... .... I was never allowed the luxury of leaving work when I had mine.
actually i was talking about 'normal' if it exists, not normal IBS.tom
Evie,I bet that wasn't too good for the office floor.... =]ben
tom - ok, but I still stik with my thoughts on normal. it;s a relative term, isn't it? it's about the norm for the situation or culture or group you're in.evie - keep in mind that this is not Jeff's job - he doesn't get paid for this and in fact I think it costs him quite a bit out of pocket - unfortunately, ads and donations aren't covering the costs right now.nancy
Yes, NM... I am aware. I'm a little short-tempered these days and I think you know why.Sorry if I overreated.And sorry if I got off the topic, Tom.My response was not regarding IBS.Evie
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