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Not doing so well real depressed

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Hi Well its tough trying to take care of your family and deal with IBS and work. I have 2 young children and a husband and I work a fulltime job. My IBS has been so bad lately and Ive tried lots of medicine and it seems to help a little but its like Im obsessed with it Im scared of t he pain and I think about it all the time. My family doesnt understand how much pain Im in at times. They expect dinner and the laundry done and I just cant move sometimes to do it. My husband gets mad at me because Im not as sexual as I was before. Im so depressed anymore and I dont know what to do I dont want my kids to see there mom depressed I try not but sometimes I just start to cry and I cant stop. I just want to be normal and be able to go to the bathroom normally thats not to much to ask. Just one day I wish I could go without pain. Thanks so much for your support you guys really have helped.
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Big (((HUGS))) to you Miserable. I know how you feel. I have a 19 month old son, and a husband to take care of. I can't imagine having a full time job on top of that with IBS. I've been very lucky to be able to stay home with this. Even though my husband understands my problem and will make dinner when I'm not well, or will take care of our son when I'm in pain I still feel bad about it. I want to do it all for them, like I should be able to. I think you need to sit down with your husband and have a good long talk with him. Espeically since you also work, he needs to healp out with the laundry and cooking, and even taking care of the kids. Even if you didn't have IBS he should be helping with those things. Before my IBS I used to do it all with ease, since I didn't work. But let me tell you if I had been working I would have been dead on my feet to come home make a meal, clean everything, take care of TWO kids! I don't think you need any meds with this one, I think you really need some help from your hubby. Let us know how it goes. Jennifer
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