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Not doing so well real depressed

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Hi Well its tough trying to take care of your family and deal with IBS and work. I have 2 young children and a husband and I work a fulltime job. My IBS has been so bad lately and Ive tried lots of medicine and it seems to help a little but its like Im obsessed with it Im scared of t he pain and I think about it all the time. My family doesnt understand how much pain Im in at times. They expect dinner and the laundry done and I just cant move sometimes to do it. My husband gets mad at me because Im not as sexual as I was before. Im so depressed anymore and I dont know what to do I dont want my kids to see there mom depressed I try not but sometimes I just start to cry and I cant stop. I just want to be normal and be able to go to the bathroom normally thats not to much to ask. Just one day I wish I could go without pain. Thanks so much for your support you guys really have helped.
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Have you taken any antidepressants? If not I'd suggest you talk to your doctor. I'm currently on Effexor XR 75mgs for 5 months now and it has played an important role in getting me out of my depression. My IBS D is now under control. I also take Caltrate + for the D,Aloe vera to control the irritation resulting from my flare-ups and beano & phayzme for the gas. I also stay away from foods that can trigger my flare-ups. You have to keep experimenting until you find the right combination that works best for you.
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