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I just dont understand why nuts would bother people with IBS. What is in a nut that would bother your stomach?
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Nuts have fat in them. I eat them and I want to die because of the pain. I've wondered the samething, why would something that small cause so much discomfort???? LOL
My mom (a dietitian) says it's due to roughage. Nuts need to be chewed really good to minimize this problem. Fat can also contribute to the problem.
Nuts may be physically irritating to the intestine since they are difficult to digest(due to the roughage or fiber). Many peole notice the same difficulties with seeds, corn, and peas. Do you?
BEACHIE:Ypu could read this book which would explain all the different ways nuts (and other foods) can cause all kinds of health problems:"FOOD ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THEIR IDENTIFICTION AND TREATMENT", Professor Jonathan Brostoff , M.D.. Allergy, Immunology and Environmental Medicine, Kings' College, London ...or just understand that, especially for people with diarrheic IBS, the abnormal reactions whichh start in the small intestine in response to foods or additives in such patients (abnormal reactions of immune cells which release chemicals which precipitate symptoms) can be the result of a number of different types of reactions which are grouped together generally as "food intolerance" or "sensitivity" reactions seprate and apart from good old fashioned food (nut) "allergy" which involves immunoglobulins.Just as with other food intolerances, nuts are no exception...and one may tolerate one kind of nut and not another...or the intolerance can be dose dependent. A little is not too bad but too much within a given period produces a clinical reaction.So there is really nothing which separates any particualr food when it comes to IBS form another for any specific patient...the body can lose oral tolerance to any food or foods...nothing is excempt except mmmmm
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I would think that peanut butter or other nut butters would be easier to digest than whole nuts. I often grind nuts myself in a blender to make nut butters.
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