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Odd Stool Color?

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I have been told by doctors I have IBS, I have attacks now and then. But whats been worrying me the most latly is the color of my stool has been really odd... Its like a palish white,but its mixed in with the normol brown color. Strange sight to see one half of your stool one color and the other a light light color..Any ideas whats going on here, I have been doing the series of test and been feeling ten times better since I was told what it is and figured out it was nerve induced.Thanks Anyone, it scares me to death
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Hi thereIt sounds like your liver emzymes may be off, this is what I've read produces clay colored stools. If you're taking any medications, that could also cause the color to be off. I would head to the doc's and get a simple blood test, probably nothing to worry about. This is happened to me a couple of times and I'm still breathing!Good luck!Sunshine
I have had many blood test, wouldn't they have found that? Does it maybe have something to do with drinking?
Well, drinking does affect the liver, big time. But I would think if it was affecting your stools, it would show up in a blood test. I have spent many weekends binge drinking (in my past) and haven't had clay colored stools. This has happened to me recently, and I attributed it to food (lots of cauliflower, pasta, etc.). Unfortunately, you would need to see your doc for more tests if this continues, I know I would. Good luck!
Something may be amiss. But with IBS it is apparent there are a million and one symptoms. Way more then I ever knew. My doctors are at a stand still..........anyway get checked just in case. Godd Luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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