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Ohhhhh FLUX????? Easy one for you

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Sorry Flux,I just posted on effexor..dadeda, but have a question that is easy for you. We all have "gas" right? or we would explode. lol.What I would like to know is that why does it hurt so much in IBS??? I KNOW that fro whatever reason we are more sensitive to stimuli because of all the nerves in the lining so that makes sense why it hurts. I plan on compiling a print out of info and dropping it off at the Dr hopefull today or tomorrow because I just cannot do this anymore. I just don't get it why some people walk around and fart fart fart and laugh about it when I have and pass it it HURTS like the dickens. Sorry for the slang. I mean I do understand it but I want to know more specifics in detail..for the Dr.And feel free to put in a cute graphic for me ok?? You may roll your eyes and think this is a stupid question..but I need it in detail ok? I'm so tired of treating myself with no meds and getting no where.ThanxDeb <~~~~~~the pest.
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quote:What I would like to know is that why does it hurt so much in IBS???
Some years back, people tried to find what was wrong in the intestine in IBSers, but while they sometimes found abnormalities they also found abnormalities in healthy people and the abnormalities didn't always correlate to what's going on in the gut. So they then turned to pain perception and using a barostat, a balloon like device put in the rectum, found that IBSers were much more sensitive to distension than healthy people. But we don't really know why it is like that. Sometimes, it appears that having a gastroenteritis may alter the behavior of the sensory nerves, but that's not all cases.[This message has been edited by flux (edited 01-03-2001).]
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