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OK it's been quite a while

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04 September 2009

Exploring Self-Empowerment

Yeah, my last entry was May and now it's already September. Been very busy with my second book (translation). And so I was too swamped to come. And in the midst of a frenzied life of an over-worked brain, I grappled with trying to stay reasonably healthy as much as i possibly can so that I could complete the huge work within the pressing deadline.

Sounds daunting. And it was. And so I was so totally very very surprised (but happily surprised) that I've started to get more control of my symptoms (if u exclude the little insomnia backlash the past week after the book's done - prolly b/c of the over-excitement about it being done, LOL)! I know I esp. in the past year or so mainly came here to complain -- but behind the scene the fact is that I was also trying my best to find good ways to manage. Anyways, since I have other reasons to not take antidepressants or antispasmodics and in all, to come off as much meds as possible. I kinda had to find less traditional ways.

As I wrote before, I started experimenting on reflexology and that in turn has gotten me read more about TCM. So, as I submerged myself totally in the book I was translating, getting into the original author's head through her words and becoming the characters in the book, when there's time to briefly re-surface as myself, I re-discovered a whole new world of a drastically different medical (as well as philosophical) tradition.

And through this, I've also learned how to manage my IBS and my general health better. So now, as I just posted in reply to a thread on the forums, my IBS has now changed from moderate with severe episodes to very mild. Although it does act up once or twice a month and I still have to go more than once everyday, but it's formed and most of the time no C or D. The level of pain has dropped a lot -- I still have pain, but it's not daily and not multiple times in a given day anymore. Getting to this point has not been easy and it's a very delicate balancing act to stay on the healthy side. Any teeny-tiny thing or nothing at all can throw it out of balance. I still need to stay on my safe foods (which fortunately at this point is expanding), keep as good a sleep schedule as possible, keep my reflexology sessions every day, and try my best not to over-stretch my luck to avoid the IBS (or any other health issues) acting up. And the season's changing again soon - so I'm resuming my meditation (hopefully daily) to keep myself off the SAD stuff... It's like I'm just so busy maintaining my body than doing anything else, LOL! But hey, if it works most of the time, then it's worth it

One thing that's worth mentioning is that the reflexology thing really does wonders to period pain -- and a large part of my IBS is also hormone related. Just one self-administered session on my first and second day, the pain level drops considerably. I mean, it's still a little painful and still uncomfortable, but I can totally live with and even enjoy life with that level as compared to my previous unbearable extreme pain. And that kinda helped with my bowel in ways I can't explain -- I still get loose and looser than usual, but no watery D anymore. And now I still don't really look forward to my period (as much as I understand it helps to be possitive about it and appreciate it as a symbol of womanhood, lol), but I don't shudder at the very thought of my next period anymore.

It's not easy to put down everything here in this one single entry. I'll prolly write more about where to press and rub on the body to reduce IBS and period pain soon when I get the pics drawn (hard to explain in words, so). It's just too important and worthy to keep it to myself.

(Edited spelling n grammar, lol, u can totally c I'm brain-damanged after the work's done, LOL )

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Sep 06 2009 04:45 PM

Hi Cherrie,

it´s interesting to hear about reflexology and I´m glad it has been such a big help to you! I´d like to hear more about it.
And I´m glad to hear your IBS is very mild now! That must be a huge relief for you.

And I soo hear ya about spending so much time maintaining your body - I´m exactly the same way! ( I think I´ve always had this feeling that you and I must be soulmates or something:)) I´ve got just so many health problems apart from IBS - and most of them too embarassing to talk about - that sometimes when I think about it I feel like if I wanted to heal all the issues that I have and take all the time I need for all of them there would be no time for anything else in my life... especially when I seem to be struggling with all the things that everyone else around me considers natural and normal .... but you´re right, all the work and sacrifice is so worth it when you finally see some progress, even a small one :) And in my case there has already been a progress in certain ways, so we need to concentrate on the little steps and be thankful and happy for every small success.

And yeah, I know about this "general consciousness" ( I´m not sure whether this is the right expression but I couldn´t find a more appropriate one) about a period being a symbol of womanhood and how we should feel proud and happy that our bodies work perfectly fine etc. But in reality I don´t know of ANY woman who would look forward to her period lol. Not only does it hurt like hell, your bowels go crazy for a few days, but your skin is a disaster, too, so what are we supposed to look forward to lol?

I´m glad to see you posting again and hope you´ll keep the blog up!





Sep 07 2009 10:47 AM

Hiya, Evu! Great to hear from you!
I'm so glad you've also gotten better and on the way to better and better health! YAY!!
Hopefully as we improve, it'll feel less and less like a never-ending chore just trying to not fall terribly sick. I mean, everyone gets sick once in a while, and all we ask is to be just like everyone else health-wise. Personally, I believe this is totally possible to manage well and stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. It's like I've had acne since forever, and my roomates used to laugh at me saying that I'd at least spend 2 hrs in front of the mirror every morning. And at that time it did feel like it's such a chore to just get myself to the point where I'd feel comfortable to be seen by others. But as I tried so many things and finding my personalized way to manage and get better, it did happen :). And now I'm spending less and less time in front of the mirror. So, it's possible as long as we keep working on it

Yeah, I totaly hear ya about the period stuff -- geez, if only it's just the period itself, it'd be just a monthly inconvenience, but coming with it are so many so many other stuff that's just so hard for us to be positive about it...

Hehehe, just posted the pics on reducing period pain. Do let me know if it's too hard to find those points on the body b/c the pics are too poorly done.

{{{Big HUGZ}}} back!

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