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OK, what's the best hemorrhoid medicine?

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Hello,I know this is kind of an icky topic, but what does everybody think is the best hemorrhoid medicine? I think I have tried everything and I just started using Preparation H cream. I've used Anusol and it is irritating and so.... waxy... and I've used Prep H. cooling gel, its nice but after a day or so its irritating too... just what I need. I don't have a lot of itching, just sore kind of pressure.Oh, I can't stand the thought of suppositories... yucky!!!! I CAN put my finger "up there" with a bit of cream, but for some reason, suppositories just gross me out!!!!!Thanks for any ideas!!Jill
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I know you are looking for a good medicine but sitting in a tub with hot water and plain salt in it worked quickly and best for me.
Sitting inhot water works. Do it as often as possible. Sit in shallow water. I use Nupercainal Hemmorrhoidal and Anesthetic Ointment. Apply it to the external hemmorrhoid and cover with a sterile light pad. It gives me great relief the other ointments just don't work for me. Hope this helps. I don't know what helps internal hemmr. but I don't think they are painful. C
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