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i sent an email to Mariyln answering about Zofran.This is the answer of the email she sent to me:Hi Andre' - I took Zofran after they took Lotronex off the market. When Lotronex came back on the market, I started taking that again. The first time I took Lotrone, I only had to take 1/2 pill a day and it worked like 99.9%, Zofran worked about 75% but it was the next best thing. With the new Lotronex I have to take 2 pills a day and still not as good but much better than Zofran or nothing at all -I'd say works 90%. I can't reply to the IBS forum anymore and don't have a clue how to get back on it. If you can help me with that, I'd appreciate it. Thank goodness for Lotronex - that's the only way I can keep my job. Take care - - Are you taking anything?
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