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Hi friendsMy name is Yiannis and i come from Cyprus (hope you know where that is
)I have been suffering with IBS for the last 3 years after eating bad lettuce in the US. That changed my life completely, feeling depressed and all the rest i am sure you know and feel.I tried everything, seriously everything i couldnt take it anymore. I paid a bunch of doctors, took all kinds of chemicals just for doctors to tell me that i have to learn to live with it. But i never stop fighting. In July 2009 i went to my last visit to a doctor. I say last because i was giving up. This guy is not a gastrenterologist, he is only involved with healthy eating.He taught me many many things that really helped me and i am now feeling amazing. You can always find more out more about the steps i took at my blog but some of the steps i took are listed below1) Detox for 1 month - it was hard but helped so that all the toxines come out2) quit alcohol3) positive thinking4) Switch to probiotics and organic foods onlyAs i said i explain these more in my blog and there are many steps to write them herethank you for you time
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