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Hey everyone!

November last year I had gastroenteritis from a restroom at work for about A WEEK. Despite it all, I had a feeling I was full all the time so went on a little diet. I was eating salads all day and felt as if I was binging on mcdonalds 24/7.

I felt stuffed and that's when my "appendix" started hurting slightly after I stretched my back, doing yoga so I panicked and went to get it checked the next day.

She told me I don't have appendicitis cause there was no rebound pain, but she told me to do an MRI (no contrast) anwyay so I did but 2 weeks later when I had no symptoms and they didn't find anything.

2 months later the pain came back but with no other symptom. It never went away since! Went back, go diagnosed with IBS. No typical symptoms. I do have a history of belly pains of all kinds so it might be fair.

Now, ONE YEAR later I have a constant pain right where the appendix is located but it also echoes to the side of my waist, sometimes the same spot but on the back. Sometimes on the"bikini line" and down the thigh I guess the nerves respond? Idk

Descripton of the pain: imagine removing a strong band-aid, slowly, off a hairy body part. That, but on the inside. It's not really BAD but it's dull and there all the time.

I also can't eat too much, as soon as I overeat it hurts. Or certain types of foods. Sometimes I see a dish and I can imagine the pain I'd feel if I ate that. But it's random sometimes I do eat things that usually make my "appendix" hurt and I'm fine.

Hurts if my belt is tight I have to remove it.

Hurts if I skip a meal or when I have an empty stomach, that's when it hurts the most if I don't eat for one day (religious reasons) It'll kill me

Not-so-elegant information, highlight the text: ----->I'm not constipated, but I can't "go". I feel things moving and working but it's always false alarms not even gas, it's just chillin inside my body not going anywhere. When it does decide to get out which is twice a week MAYBE, it's of a normal consistency. I'm so sorry if I'm disgusting <------

I'm confuuuuused.

Could this be IBS? You guys have these/ similar symptoms? Similar stories?

I've read discussions about people in here who had chronic appendicitis and posted their experience, wish I could get your opinion if you had chronic appendicitis!

Thank you love you all in a creepy way sorry not sorry
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