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Ovarian Cysts

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Hi :) My name is Amy and I have previously written a 'story' to inform you all of my situation which I would recommend you all read before you carry on, just so there is no confusion or lack of knowledge. The story is called 'Anxiety and Noises in Quiet Rooms'. I have also posted a few updated replies to a few comments which will help too :).

So there a few drastic changes to my life at this present moment. I have gained a wider range of friends which are all very in common with me. They seem to understand me very well and I am very comfortable around them. I met them all whilst in the same flat I wrote about in my article. Getting to know them all very well, I opened up to one boy in particular and started dating him. This was a big step for me but somehow I felt like it was now or never, even though I still didn't feel quite ready. The truth is I was never going to feel ready because I didn't accept myself, so in other words, I didn't understand how others could accept me. His mother became very protective over me and, like me, suffered from lots of pain and discomfort of the bowel. She decided to take on the motherly role and proceeded to sort my health out. She became very worried about my health and would not let doctors get away with taking advantage of my 'if you say so it must be' attitude and got me booked in for a scan of my abdominal area.

On the day of the scan the doctors could not pick up the ovaries so had to do an internal scan instead. Unexpected and rather unpleasant - I know, but I'm very glad I went ahead with it now. When the results came back from the hospital, they stated that the scan had picked up SEVERAL CYSTS on one of my ovaries, but the other ovary could not be seen due to shadowing of the bowel. Not long before the scan, a cyst had burst and also left a pocket of fluid.

Fear of infertility crept up in my father and Sharon's (My boyfriends mother) mind and doctors proceeded with tests for PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). The blood tests were proven negative but this now left me with the worry of diagnosis. I overcame my biggest worries as well, because the flat I was staying in became too dangerous and I had to move in with my boyfriend and his mother for the time being. Going to the toilet in other peoples houses is my biggest worry, so I had to go at school. I have stayed at his house for about 2 months and have found myself going to the toilet in much more ease in public places. I have only went a few times in my boyfriends house and both times he was out. Its just a self confidence thing.

It would be much appreciated if everyone comments and feel free to ask any questions. :) Thanks for reading x

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