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i have started using fish oil. Is it good for the heart? And what else can you tell me about it? And what about the pollutants in it? I ask you because i think i have heard you mention it. I could be mistaken though. Thanks
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It is good for the heart, especially the triglycerides. As well, you may find it good for your stools. I know mine solidified even more after beginning to take it.As far as pollution, I am not prepared to comment. I suppose it would depend upon the source--farmed vs wild salmon. Since the wild salmon spend most of their lives in the ocean, their exposure to pollutants ought to be reduced over those raised in costal waters and packed into netted cages.One of the women from the Dr. D Thread (maybe Daisysp, perhaps another) has found a number of her clients have also reduced their cholesterol with it. The particular supp I take combines plant phytosterols--which need a source of fat to work--with omega 3 to block the cholesterol in the gut. Both my triglycerides and my cholesterol dropped so signifigantly that my doctor thought I was self prescribing Lipitor.Good luck.Mark
Thanks overitnow. I need a lot of help with triglycerides. They are high. My bad cholesterol is ok but my good cholesterol is terribly low leading to a high bad cholesterol/good cholesterol ratio. Will fish oil help with that? I find that my stools feel well lubricated these days.
I don't know. You should probably talk to a nutritionist, naturepath, or very knowledgeable person in the supplement field.Mark
Bonniei - I expect salmon oil would help with low ratios. This is a relatively good book on Omega-3's whichmay help: You can buy certain salmon oil products which specifically advertise they don't contain heavy metals.
Thanks mark and scottysworthy. I was being lazy and trying to take the easy way out by hoping someone would give me a summary of the benefits of fish oils.
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