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Pain in the chest / right arm with alcohol consumption?

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I'm wondering if this is somehow related to GERD? This just recently started happening to me: I know this is not good for me, but I usually have a few drinks per day. I have noticed lately that if I'm drinking something without eating first, I get this terrible pain in my right chest area, and it seems to go all the way down to my right elbow. The only way I can relieve it is to eat something like bread, or take Rolaids or Tums or something. It doesn't make me nauseas, and it's not like I've had too much to drink. Just wondering if anyone with upper GI problems has ever experienced this?
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Torpedo, drinks as in beer, wine, etc? If thats the case, my doc has told me not to drink at all with the GERD, as it aggrivates the situation.
Hi Lee,I don't have GERD, that I know of, just this weird pain. I usually drink margaritas or Jack Daniels coolers. Sometimes a shot or two of Jagermeister. Beer only on occasion, wine on occasion.
Sounds like that wonderful reflux, I have had the exact same symptoms but just had different alcohol!
Hmm...Yes, I've had the same type of pain many times (also burning??) that you've described: chest (now, mostly upper ribs, though), then under one of my arms and sometimes down it. However, mine has nothing to do with drinking -- because I don't drink at all anymore. I have had months and months of GERD problems (though, luckily, knock on wood, the problems seemed to have lessened some recently). My chiropractor seems to think that the pressure of the acid reflux can trigger a whole chain of other nerve problems. Who really knows, but it sounds somewhat logical to me. My weird above-described pain/burning would often (but not always) be at its worse during bad acid reflux episodes.
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