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Pain Meds that don flare up IBA

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My wisdom teeth are really playing up, very sore and getting harder and harder to eat so i need to get some pain meds,however for whatever reason paracetamol, asprin,Ibuprofenall make my IBS flare up something rotten, so i'm out of ideas lollive in the uk so i dont get any fun medications which i probibally couldnt take anyway.anyone else got any?
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Have you been to a DMD (Oral surgeon) about them?
I know this sounds really silly have u tried using a teething gel or oil of cloves might help just rub it on gums.
Good thought mouth!Yeah that just might ease it for you IBSD88... try it!
the irony of mouth answering this question lolsounds good, and no not even been to dentist yet, total wrong time of the year to be getting these problemsill give it a bash thanks guys
the irony of mouth answering this question lol
I had that exact same thought! LOL :(Hope it feels better so you can enjoy the season!
go to the pharmacey and buy arnica drops take as directed works for my teeth and doesnt effect my bowel.
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