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Thought I would join a forum after not getting much support or understanding from my GP (UK)...

6 Years ago I caught Amoebic Dysentery and malaria whilst working in Kenya, and I strongly believe that this was the trigger for my IBS. I've not actually been confirmed with IBS, even though I have been to the doctor several times and tests are ongoing.

My symptoms are mostly alternating bloating/constipation and diarrhea but the worst issue at the moment is the nagging stitch-like pain I get at night which is localised to the upper right quadrant only. The pain is enough to wake me up and keep me awake for at least an hour and always occurs early hours of the morning around 3am-6pm. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it stays well until lunchtime and can make me feel slightly nauseous and go off food. This doesn't usually mean any change in bowel movement or necessarily bad bloating although my entire stomach feels warm, slightly swollen and tender.

I have had complete blood works - liver was slightly elevated but not a concern, then second test was perfect.

First blood test showed inflammation marker (white cells I believe) that indicated an infection in line with body fighting infection that was more viral or my body not producing white blood cells? I was terrified at first as my doctor was concerned, and wanted to rule out hepatitis and certain blood cancers. Fortunately all viral tests on second test came back negative and my white cells had normalised.

I was then sent for an ultrasound to check gall bladder (infection consistent with gall bladder inflammation) but that came back negative and all other organs are fine.

Back to square one and I have now gone 8 nights without proper sleep. I am constantly tired, it's beginning to make me feel rather depressed/anxious and I find going to work is very hard. My patience with people is so limited at the moment.

Has anyone had experience with this predominantly night time only pain with IBS symptoms and perhaps had any luck with medication and diet changes? I eat very healthily, gluten free mostly. I do drink alcohol as I tried to cut that out but didn't help so thought I might as well live a little. In fact a glass of wine usually relaxes me. I don't smoke but I do take a nicotine spray under the tongue as I quite smoking earlier this year. Was on about 5 a day.

Even though I don't overeat I still don't lose weight, I'm about average BMI for my height and age, but tend to put on weight around stomach only.

Have an appointment booked in three weeks to see GP but I don't feel very confident with their understanding of the pain and fear they will just send me for more invasive tests :(

Any feedback on similar symptoms would be encouraging.

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