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Hi.New to this board but have been on the IBS board since april 2000. Had loads of gastro tests for IBS nothing found. I have pains/soreness in various areas i.e. under arm more towards the back sort of lower shoulder blade both sides and neck sides, under jaw and rear central mid neck position. Sometimes these areas feel swollen but nothing is palpable. Just wondered if these are normal fibro problem sites or if I should go back to the docs/specialists for the 90th time.Thanks in advance.Regards.Andy.
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Andy, I can't say for certain that it's Fibro, but it sounds a lot like my pain. My left shoulder blade, and the top of both shoulders are as hard as rocks and burn all the time. Nothing seems to loosen those muscles. It's getting hard for me to even sleep at night. There isn't a comfortable position. My neck is extremely stiff and sore also. The hips bother me a lot and so do the bottoms of my feet. Actually, if I really think about it, there isn't a muscle on this body of mine that does not hurt. Various Doctors have told me it's probably Fibro, but I have never been definitely diagnosed as having it for certain. I'm awaiting an appointment in April at a Medical Clinic 2 hours away from where I live. Hopefully someone can shed some light on some of this. I've had this now at least 18 years and it's taken it's toll. I also have IBS and had to have a Sigmoid Resection and pelvic floor rebuilding surgery done 8 months and 12 months ago. IBS is not fun either. What's interesting is that almost everyone active on this board suffers from not only Fibro, but IBS, and some have CFS, also. I swear I have CFS--I'm so tired all the time---I have to push myself to do anything. Some days are better than others.Have you tried any medications for your symptoms? I know a number on this board take anti-depressants. I've tried a bunch of them through the years with little or no results. I also suffer from chronic migraines. I believe the migraines are caused by the stiff muscles in the shoulders and neck. At night, in order for me to hopefully get a little bit of sleep, I take Benadryl antihistamine tablets and a muscle relaxant called Skelaxin (which is by prescription). Have you tried anything like that for easing the muscles?Hopefully someone on this board can give you a few more suggestions. I apologize, tonight is one of those nights when my head is screaming with a raging migraine and I just can't think too well.Take care and keep in touch and welcome to this board. It's my life-line these days. I've been active on the board about 1 year now.Karen
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Hi there and welcome.You sure do sound like you have fibro. I find a massage with some lavender oil can help at times. You can actually feel it heating up under your hand as you rub it in so it helps the muscles.I find heat is really bad for me so in the summer like now, I sit in the evening with my feet in a bucket of cold water. That is good.I use a very small dose of an anit depressant. It is not because I am depressed but it helps with pain. Also it helps to control the neuron transmitters so they can do the job they are ment to.When my back is bad, I use a hot water bottle which can help.The most important thing though is to learn to pace yourself. Don't over do things and rest when you need to.Brooke
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