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Pain when nothing else is wrong

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I have IBS-D I have had IBS for my entire life in one form or another and have known I have had it for over a decade now.I am on a series of meds to cut down on the D, to cut down on the pain and to cut down on the sickness.I am never able to gain weight and i often feel most of my pain could be linked to me having a very very low BMI but i cant really prove that.The meds I am on at the moment I take 4 times a day, each time I take 10mg Amitriptyline, 135mg Mebeverine, occasionally 10mg motilium for sickness and 2.024Grams of Ibsacol.I frequently take Loperamide between 3 and 10 tabs usually and though my doctor refuses to prescribe me more if i have a real problem Immodium plus is the only thing which can stop the D and sometimes the pain. Quite frequently however I have really bad stomac pains which have nothing to do with anything that I am aware of, even if I am not hungry sometimes eating some food can relax the pain for a short period of time though its more painful while I am eating.when i have D i know that the pain is more likely to go away that not by having some anti-dietetics. infact I used to presume that it would be on its way and thus took some to stop it before it started. but now I am just getting the same intense pains when i have no other symptoms and I have no idea what can help.Any ideas of what to try, heat and sleep help but hard to do those when your not in the house by yourself lol
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Right firstly BMI = RUBBISH i wouldnt worry because if you think about it, a 20year old male at 6ft 5 and a 60yr old man at 6ft 5 should be the same weight??? rubbish, both of their bodies are different due to age...bmi does not include details that are essential like age lifestyle, ect it GENERALISES everyone like chickens. i wouldnt worry about that! Secondly - i also find it hard to gain weight more so now i have ibs, but i see it as if ur eating and its enough for you to function and ur not loosing alot and look dead your fine. =) ive always been picked on for being slight even when i was a child at school, its just life, some people are fat some people are skinny some are inbetween. im 5ft 3" and weigh nomore than 6stone! worryin will only make ur issue worse mate! Thirdly - have u had a food allergy test?? x
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i have and i havent fodd allergy test, i have had 2 sets one set of bloods for gluten etc or something which were negitive and i had one set which was done by cutting out foods but even when i went down to just boiled rice and boiled chicken i still had problems so unless it happens to be those two have no idea about foods.I do know that I have a milk intollerence, i have done even as a baby, i managed to take it fgor a number of years after the age of about 2 or 3 but by 10 i was back off it.I have virtually no body fat so thought pains could have been body just eating away at me but im prob just being para about that.
but if your eating you should be ok
i dont think it would be your body eating its self unless you eat NOTHING! try eating a little n often its a life saver for me and i have smaller portion meals i snack alot on biscuits crisps fruit even cereal! lol *soy milk in ur case* i also find if i WORRY and analyse my symptoms i become alot worse off! its hard i know spesh whenu have a bubbling bowel i seem to get it in the afternoon before dinner (could be nerves) or the fact an hour after i ate some cornflakes its just my bowels reacting because i often (before dinner) feel the need to "empty out" and it will stick with me all evening .. its bizzare i used to be worse in the nmornings, now as the day goes on i seem to get worse... its like im working backwards now! but i read its typical for ibs'ers tio get worse as the day goes on...o hum!
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I used find cornflakes a killer for IBS but with all my current meds I dont seem to have any more issues with cornflakes than other cereals.just would love to know what I can take when i get pains with no symptoms or should i say if there is anything lol
Pain itself is a symptom. I can get pain by itself. I find heat helps... relaxation techniques, proper breathing.. etc. I also used the IBS100 Audioprogram to manage my pain. See the CBT/Hypnotherapy Forum for more info.
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